Torma Winery

Tradition and Creativity

About Us

This is a family-owned winery, founded by The Torma brothers: Zoltán and Zsolt Torma. We are specialized in growing grapes and producing wine and we also organise wine tastings and other special events.

Our goal is to manage a winery that would rather offer specialities as opposed to mass production. We are dedicated to preserve our character while making high quality wines in modern representation.

For us Torma Winery means a chance to make high-end white and red wines by showing the characteristics of the wine region. The Eger Wine Region’s terroirs provide excellent opportunities to achieve our goals as the region is perfect for both white and red wines of fine quality.

We are convinced that the region has great potentials in producing exciting top-quality wines, through which traditions, our creativity and commitment towards tastes and smells are also expressed.

Our Wines